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Marjos Cleaning is a highly reputable window cleaning company in New Rochelle, NY, offering top-notch services to enhance the aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency of residential and commercial properties. With a commitment to excellence, we are your trusted window cleaners in the Westchester County area.

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From booking the appointment to completing the job, this company was excellent! Cleaned the apartment appliances to brand new as they were only 11 months old. I highly recommend Jose and his team and will definitely continue to use them for all cleaning services.

Dr. Maggs


Great, respectful, professional service! They listen to the customers biggest concern, then they price according to the customers needs. They don’t push you to do more than you need. Very good business method. I would recommend to all my friends!

Sylvia Alfini


Marjos cleaning did a deep cleaning of my home and was very impressed. Their crew arrived on time and did a Thorough cleaning job. Would 100% recommend!

Christian Inga

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Tips to Help You Find Reliable Window Cleaners in New Rochelle, NY

Window Cleaning Westchester County, NY

Your Trusted Window Cleaners in Westchester County

Marjos Cleaning is the leading choice for professional window cleaning in New Rochelle, NY. With years of experience and a dedication to delivering impeccable results, we take pride in transforming your windows into spotless showcases. Our team is committed to enhancing the beauty and energy efficiency of your property. Contact us today at 203-981-1261 to schedule an appointment with our expert window cleaners. Experience the clarity, brightness, and quality of service that only Marjos Cleaning can provide!

Skilled and Trained Crew: Our highly skilled team of window cleaning professionals undergo rigorous training to ensure they can handle all your window cleaning needs with precision and care.
Cutting-Edge Equipment: We invest in the latest window cleaning technology and equipment, guaranteeing a streak-free, crystal-clear finish on every pane.
Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: Your happiness is our priority. We stand by our work and offer a satisfaction guarantee to ensure you’re delighted with the results.
Window Cleaning Westchester County, NY

How to Find Reliable Window Cleaners in New Rochelle, NY

When it comes to keeping your home or business looking its best, clean windows can make a world of difference. However, finding reliable window cleaners in New Rochelle, NY can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it’s essential to choose a reputable company like Marjos Cleaning that will provide top-notch service. In this guide, we’ll share valuable tips to help you find the best window cleaners in Westchester County.

  1. Ask for Recommendations

Start your search by asking friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations. Word-of-mouth referrals can provide valuable insights into the quality of service provided by local window cleaners. If someone you trust had a positive experience with a particular company, it’s a good sign.

  1. Check Online Reviews

Online reviews on platforms like Google, Yelp, and Angie’s List can offer a wealth of information about window cleaning companies in New Rochelle, NY. Look for companies with consistently high ratings and positive feedback from customers. Be wary of businesses with numerous negative reviews or unresolved complaints.

  1. Verify Insurance and Licensing

Before hiring any window cleaning service, ensure that they are properly licensed and insured. This protects you in case of accidents or damage during the cleaning process. Reliable companies like Marjos Cleaning will have no problem providing proof of insurance and licensing.

  1. Request References

A reputable window cleaning company should be able to provide references from past clients. Don’t hesitate to ask for these references and follow up with them to get an idea of the company’s professionalism and quality of work.

  1. Inquire About Pricing

While cost is a consideration, it shouldn’t be the sole determining factor. Cheap may not always equate to quality. Request quotes from multiple window cleaners in Westchester County and compare their prices, but also consider their reputation, experience, and the services included in their packages.

  1. Discuss Services Offered

Make sure the window cleaning company offers the specific services you need. Some companies may specialize in residential cleaning, while others focus on commercial properties. Ensure they can accommodate your requirements, whether it’s a one-time cleaning or a recurring service.

Window Cleaning Westchester County, NY

Make Your Windows Shine with Marjos Cleaning

When searching for reliable window cleaners in New Rochelle, NY, remember that Marjos Cleaning is here to provide top-tier service. Contact us today at 203-981-1261 to schedule an appointment and experience the difference of professional window cleaning. Don’t compromise on the quality of your window cleaning services – choose the best in Westchester County.

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The European settlement was started by refugee Huguenots (French Protestants) in 1688, who were fleeing religious persecution in France (such as Dragonnades) after the king’s revocation of the Edict of Nantes. Many of the settlers were artisans and craftsmen from the city of La Rochelle, France, thus influencing the choice of the name of “New Rochelle”.

Statue of Jacob Leisler

Some 33 families established the community of La Nouvelle-Rochelle (French pronunciation: ​[la nuvɛl ʁɔʃɛl]) in 1688. A monument containing the names of these settlers stands in Hudson Park, the original landing point of the Huguenots. Thirty-one years earlier, the Siwanoy Indians, a band of Algonquian-speaking Lenape (also known as the Delaware by English colonists) sold their land to Thomas Pell. In 1689, Pell officially deeded 6,100 acres (25 km2) for the establishment of a Huguenot community. Jacob Leisler is an important figure in the early histories of both New Rochelle and the United States. He arrived in America as a mercenary in the British army and later became one of the most prominent merchants in New York. He was subsequently appointed acting-governor of the province, and it was during this time that he acted on behalf of the Huguenots.

Of all the Huguenot settlements in America founded with the intention of being distinctly French colonies, New Rochelle most clearly conformed to the plans of its founders. The colony continued to attract French refugees until as late as 1760. The choice of name for the city reflected the importance of the city of La Rochelle and of the new settlement in Huguenot history and distinctly French character of the community. French was spoken, and it was common practice for people in neighboring areas to send their children to New Rochelle to learn the language.

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